Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Dear Diary 69

Dear Diary,

I'm frustrated. I really miss my granddaughter. She lives kind of far away and I don't get to see her as often as I like. It makes me ill. She's been visiting on the weekends but I think her mother is growing tired of coming. Because of breast feeding and pumping issues it's been decided that they should come together until she is at least six months old and not so dependent on breast milk.

Weekends are wonderful. I look forward to seeing my baby girl. She brightens our home and brings life that hasn't been there for a while. My children are grown and have their own lives. We all work and have social lives that didn't lend well to us spending a lot of time together. That's changed a bit now that Lia is here.

My husband and I like to enjoy our weekends. Our enjoyment has changed now that we are grandparents. We'd rather stay home and play with our granddaughter than go out. She is all the enjoyment we need. I would be satisfied just watching her sleep. She's just starting to smile and coo and it's so amazing.

I love being a grandmother. It's so great. I have so much fun with my grandbaby. She has changed my life. I really cannot explain it. I am happier than i've ever been when she visits and just as sad when she leaves. My husband looks at me and shakes his head. He doesn't know I see him staring at her picture and smiling. We both just miss her so much.

I thank God for Lia every day. She is truly a blessing and the gift that keeps on giving.

Until Tomorrow....


Chaudhary said...

Great idea! Love seeing a creative mind work and gain success!!!!!! Hope it continues to grow!


QueenBee said...

That is so wonderful that you like seeing her and spending time with her. I am QueenBee, passing through. Saw your blog from SLC.

Strongblkwmn said...

Thank you both for stopping by. I'm living a second life as a grandma. It's the most amazing experience of my life.

Mizrepresent said...

Awe how sweet!