Saturday, December 12, 2009

Dear Diary 65

Dear Diary,

Why do people make it so hard to love them? I never thought being in love was suppose to be easy but I did think it got easier as the years went along. You would think years together and knowledge of one another would aid in the breeziness of being together. I'm finding out that's not true.

I love my husband to death but he likes to yell. It's so annoying. Lately i've really been trying to ignore him and find ways to deal with his behavior that do not involve us getting into an argument. I really don't like to argue. There's really no point in two people screaming at each other and trying to be right. All that does is make things worse and it makes me tired.

I don't see the problem with sitting down and talking things out, or at least trying to act like adults. If you want to be mad do you. Just don't drag me into it. I don't feel like yelling. I've been sick all week and haven't been doing any house work or cooking. All I care about right now is trying to get better. The flu does not allow you to do much anyway.

I've been home for a week and at this point i'm trying to rest up for work on Monday. I'm still not doing anything. Some dishes were left in the sink (that were not mine). The man didn't even say hello when he came home. He went straight to bitching and moaning about it. Annoying! It was all I could do to keep myself from laughing. Why are you so mad about dishes?

Between the coughing and everything else I have going on, I really do not have time to get upset. I came to the laptop and started blogging. If I get into it it may get deeper than it needs to and i'm really not in the mood. I just needed to get it off my system. I'm done.

Until tomorrow....